M2E have recently launched M2E M2, a new version of M2E Pro which is compatible with Magento 2 websites.

The M2E Pro software has been used by many companies to integrate their Magento websites to marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, for a multi-channel ecommerce experience and to accelerate growth online.

Find out more about the benefits of integrating your Magento store using M2E.

This new solution was designed specifically for the Magento 2 platform, as data management takes place directly in Magento. With M2E M2 users will be able to seamlessly control their inventory and orders, as well as being able to enjoy other useful features including:

  • An unlimited number of stores and accounts
  • Flexible pricing
  • Task automation
  • Management of existing Amazon and eBay listings

Furthermore, besides launching the M2E M2 version, the M2E team have also created an M2E Pro Migration Tool which can help transfer data from M2E M1 to the newer version, allowing users who are upgrading their Magento website to the Magento 2 to also migrate their M2E Pro data easily.

To find out more about M2E Pro and the version most suitable for your Magento ecommerce store, or learn more about the advantages of multi-channel ecommerce, contact our ecommerce consultants today.