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As one of Magento’s Enterprise partners in the UK, we are part of Magento’s unrivalled ecosystem worldwide, offering a wealth of knowledge on creating, growing and optimising on Magento.

Working with cutting edge ecommerce technology, we can help our customers build a strong and scalable ecommerce foundation that suits both the business and their customers’ needs now, and in the future.

We’ve rounded up some of the key highlights from a recent article, chapter 2 in a series, featured on nosto.com; ‘Supercharge your Magento Store.’ With contributions from providers including Nosto and Dot Mailer.

Supercharge Magento through personalised 1:1 customer experiences

Businesses are looking for ways to differentiate themselves online, stand out from the crowd and grow faster than their competition.  Providing both a fantastic user experience, but also importantly first-class customer service is becoming the new battleground and the difference between keeping or losing customers for the long-term.

Software like Nosto for example can really help deliver on personalisation, which when done effectively can in turn help drive conversion rates up and grow your average order values.  Personalisation is hard to do and relies on access to meaningful data and knowing what to do with it.

Customers to Magento powered stores visit the website on average 1.8 times before making a purchase, this equates to the third visit that will lead to a purchase, which is happening across different devices and channels too.  Nosto recommend targeting customers through individual profiles, allowing a much more engaging, personalised customer experience and there’s a few ways to do it via the Facebook pixel for example or creating your own profiles through log ins on your Magento website.

Retargeting can be an effective way to re-engage with your audience via channels they use regularly, like social media for example.  This can help remind previous website visitors about your brand and products and Nosto comments retargeting basket abandonments on Facebook can generate on average 14xROAS.

And how does Amazon achieve their awesome 13% conversion rate? Visitors to Amazon are greeted with recommendations on items they may be most likely to purchase.  A recommended for you section can be powerful, offering products that match your visitors browsing and buying behaviour, making it very simple for them to carry on shopping from where they last left off.

When set up correctly, personalisation can drive strong engagement with your web visitors, keeping them browsing for longer, because you are serving up content and products that are most relevant to them.  This results in a positive customer experience making a happy customer who hopefully is more like to return.

Email Marketing – More Important than Ever Before

How many emails do you receive every day?  Probably a lot. A key challenge for any online retailer is standing out from the crowd and implementing a clever, targeted and highly segmented email campaign that can deliver personalised message at scale.

According to Dot Mailer, email is cost effective, generating one of the best ROI out of any digital marketing channel, more than $39 for every $1 spent. DMA 2017.

The technology now too is available to connect with customers on a personal level, and importantly more affordable more than ever before to unlock new sales opportunities from email marketing.

Access to data is vital and integration between systems like Dot Mailer and Magento is the key to success. Email marketing as a push channel enables companies to drive awareness to prospective new and existing customers.  Imagine being able to localise email marketing content targeting customers for store events that are local to them.

Collecting email addresses at as many touch points as possible is important, (onsite, on social, in store) then sending a (mobile friendly) welcome aboard email can set the scene for a positive relationship on email going forwards.

Segmentation holds the key.  With a big database, there is a temptation to set up a lot of segments, but Dot Mailer cautions against this, focusing more on smart prioritisation to identify the most valuable customers and what can be done to convert them.

Magento integration with Dot Mailer allows marketers to see who has visited, the device they used, what they browsed, maybe favourited, added to their shopping basket, made a purchase, how much was spent over their customer lifetime and a whole lot more.  With this info and a bit of analysis, marketers can calculate who is the most important of your customers and then you can start thinking about the best way to target them.

For example, Dot Mailer discusses, the big spenders, your VIPs would more likely welcome more regular contact and may be open to receiving upsells to more expensive products. But you will also be able to see their order history and what device they used and therefore serve up the highly tailored content that best suits their needs.

With a report from the 2016 DMA Consumer Tracker Report citing 84% of people claim they now find less than half of brand emails interesting or relevant, so personalisation should pay off to help you keep relevant to your busy customers.

We loved the Monin campaign that used segmentation to re-charge inactive contents. It’s ‘Is our Relationship on the Rocks’ email asked recipients if we were breaking up and an impressive 25% opted to stay connected, enabling the business to re-engage with 2,100 subscribers and remove the remainder, which presented a good cost savings for the business as well.

A well-trodden path is the quick win of basket abandonment recovery. Dot Mailer is pulling Magento data to serve up emails about yet to be purchased products that are then scheduled and served up as a timely reminder to customers via email. Shopcycle 2017 say abandoned emails convert at an average of over 28%…. now that’s worth having and an untapped opportunity for many online retailers.

However, it needs to be implemented cleverly and correctly to convert successfully. Well considered timing, engaging on brand content can make all the difference.

Interested in learning how we can help super-charge your Magento store? With experience across dozens of industries, hundreds of Magento installations and integrations with partners like Nosto and Dot Mailer, we’re helping business unlock and leverage the true power of Magento.


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