According to the Royal Mail’s most recent tracker survey, almost three quarters of the UK’s small and medium size e-retailers said that their sales increased last year.

Confidence in the coming year is high. So, how will these companies keep up with demand, especially when technology is having such a big influence on the way people want to shop?

Robert Williams, CEO of Williams Commerce, says: “We see a real gap in joined up business systems for many businesses who experience rapid growth.

Some are using multiple tools that don’t work together and some even rely on spreadsheets – before long this can hamper your growth.

“For any online business that has aging business systems, which may only be taking care of accounting and stock, we would recommend a review of some of the great cloud enterprise solutions like NetSuite, SAP, Sage and Microsoft.”

So, how do you choose the right system for your business?

Firstly, you will want to be sure that your investment will grow and scale with your business.

Real cost savings are available with the great cloud solutions that are now available. No one wants to maintain servers in their office anymore, and now there is no need to, so go for cloud! You can have a scalable, reliable and secure system that can easily cope with high levels of traffic.

Most importantly, take expert advice on how integration can improve your business efficiency. Make sure your new system can connect to your ecommerce website or other systems.

For example, Hancocks Cash and Carry business is now on its third generation ecommerce solution, using Magento Enterprise to handle increased sales and business complexity alongside an updated design. This has significantly reduced overheads in processing ecommerce orders.

We have a great team of ecommerce experts, software engineers, project managers and consultants and they all have great skill and knowledge. Find out how they could support your business growth in 2016.