The latest interview in our series is with Sean Dudley, a member of our marketing team and Williams Commerce’s content lead.

Read on to find out more about Sean. Also take a look at the other interviews in our series, including our interviews with Ankit, Tom and Laura.

Tell us a bit about your background and how long you have been with the company?

I grew up near Leicester and went to university in London, studying English and American Literature at Goldsmiths. I did some part time writing work alongside my studies, and once I graduated in 2012, I got a job working in the publishing industry.

I joined the marketing team at Williams Commerce in May 2018.

What does your day-to-day job entail?

I write content for our marketing clients, putting together insightful blogs and written material that will help build interest and business online for the companies we work with.

I also write SEO content to help our clients climb up the search rankings and achieve their online goals.

As well as our client work, I organise and write content for our internal brands, and assist with social media projects.

And I’m usually the office DJ! I assure you this isn’t a role for the faint hearted. It’s hard to please everybody and the rest of the team aren’t shy in telling me what they think of my selections!

What’s the most challenging aspect of Content Marketing? What are some key trends you’ve seen emerging recently?

Content has become so important that it can be challenging to stay cool under the pressure!

The need for quality content has never been higher, but my aim has always been to deliver the very best for the clients we work with. It’s really satisfying seeing a piece of content published that you know will be read and enjoyed, and will actively help that client reach their online goals.

In terms of key trends, there has been a notable shift towards long form content. It’s no longer enough to have a blog with just the important keywords included. You need content that can inform, instruct and provide true insight for readers - regardless of the topic in question.

As a writer, long form content usually allows the chance to really ‘get your teeth into’ a topic. That means it’s satisfying to both write and deliver knowing it is likely to have the kind of positive impact a client wants.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Williams Commerce?

The people here are great, and there are loads of interesting characters from lots of different backgrounds, all sharing a real passion for the work they do at Williams Commerce.

Our offices are also really coming together now and offer a truly modern workspace in the heart of Leicester. The kitchen area is great and the standard of table football has only got better and better.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?

I love cycling, playing cricket in the summer for Sileby Town CC, and playing and watching football. I support Torquay United, and Jamie Reid’s going to fire us to promotion this year, so watch this space (REIDYYY!!!).

I’m currently studying for an MA in Urban Conservation alongside my work at Williams Commerce. I also love to read, and I’m partial to the occasional pint of Guinness now and again.