Jobs requires experience? But who’s willing to give it?

As the new academic year begins, one thing for certain is that many recent graduates are still searching for employment. Statistics have shown that unemployment increased by 7,000 for those ages within the 16-24 age range, and furthermore up to one-in-five graduates from some universities are unemployed after 6 months of graduating.

Overall one-in-ten graduates across the country are still unemployed and alarmingly as one-in-three graduates are in lower

skilled jobs, the frustration of finding a job is a continuing struggle. One firm however is willing to provide a helping hand.

Leicester based Williams Commerce have been providing insights and experience to prepare young people for the world of work. They not only provide cutting edge e-commerce and IT solutions to customers worldwide, but from their base in Leicester, have also reached out to provide newly graduates with a prospect of a bright future.

The directors of the business, who have worked previously for the likes of Diageo plc and Exxon Mobil are keen to support Leicester and have taken in three apprentices as part of customer service and business administration apprenticeship schemes allowing young people the chance to gain an NVQ and learn more about working life. Additionally, they have also taken on Ketan Bhavan, whom has recently graduated from the University of Leicester, as an intern through the universities internship scheme.

Ketan Bhavan graduated this year in BA Management Studies and with a degree that specialises in Marketing; he has had difficulty in securing a position in his ideal path. Ketan adds, “Williams Commerce has been one of the very few companies that have given me a chance to prove myself… after around over 100 job applications in various types of work, this scheme is the only one that has offered me graduate level work and the experience I need for my future”.

The 5 month internship has allowed Ketan to delve into tools and techniques of marketing a firm with a turnover of close to £1 million. Opportunities to teach new graduates are extremely important in today’s job market as experience becomes such a dominating factor in securing a job within a graduate rich pool of job seekers. With real efforts to help youth unemployment, Williams Commerce hopes to continue to support the local economy whilst providing a secure future for their workforce.

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