Today we are looking at content – and specifically two aspects of it:

• How to use it to increase your email marketing list
• How to use it to increase your site visibility

This post has been inspired by those smart guys at Add this who have published a couple of great articles this week.

Increasing Email Marketing Signup

Make it easy!

No surprise here – ‘Convenience’ is one of the key factors in ensuring that any conversion target is achieved.

Guest blogging to increase profile

Lots of ideas on how to disseminate content effectively.

Offer a Reward!

Either a discount of gated content.

Use Social Media

You can put signup icons on your facebook page.

Creating 'Shareable' Content

Getting content shared is key in the never ending War of content visibility! So many sites fail not in the quality of what the arguments and information that they are putting forward – but in the way that it is packaged. Since the mobile phone and Buzzfeed has revolutionised the way we consume information, content owners need to ensure that their articles can compete for the ever decreasing attention span of customers!