With technology advancing at an exponential rate and forecast to be 32 times more advanced in only 6 years, managing multiple processes, systems and databases is a daunting yet necessary task for any business.

Every 12-18 months computers capabilities are doubled and so are the informational technologies that use them. For a business to survive in today’s digital information age, implementing technological aids is a must.

As you grow and expand your business product ranges or services’, or are looking to minimise your overheads, being able to utilise technology and contending with varying volumes of orders requires a carefully integrated set of operations and a platform that provides full automation and peace of mind.

Williams Commerce has shown that integration will allow for a more streamlined business through seamless product, order and stock management between your website and your CRM platforms. Consequently, this will reduce time, effort and expenditure on juggling multiple systems, not to mention the potential savings in operational overheads.

One of the key features of the Williams Commerce back office integration connecting system is its product management functions. If anything is added or edited from your new or existing Sage entry, it is updated within 15 minutes to allow customers a quick and responsive update on information. Furthermore, the centralised stock management facility ensures that you never oversell any products through accurately reflecting stock levels and even projecting stock due dates on your website. This lets people know that your products are frequently updated and allows them to place an order as soon as the stock has been replenished.

Possibly the most impressive feature is the ability to cater for B2B, B2C or Hybrid businesses. The system pioneered by Williams Commerce allows users to set customer specific prices. This way loyal customers, or trade/retail customers that you might categorise based upon their turnover, can be given individual price bandings which are only accessible to them through their password protected login details.

Even after a customer has placed an order on your website, there is no separate order processing as it will automatically be downloaded from your website into your usual processing system. Finally, any images in your central image library will be synchronised with your website, allowing you to modify only one set of images or data and it will be updated on every storefront.

You may be asking, why does my business need integration? The major benefits are in costs, accuracy and effort. Primarily it works as a cost saving function which means you do not need to hire staff that have the time consuming job of manually maintaining and updating your website. Secondly, by allowing your stock levels and specific prices to be displayed directly to customers, it ensures no mistakes in communication or accuracy of data occurs. And lastly, by removing manual processes in your back office systems, it reduces time and effort by up to 70%, through one consolidated system.

The Leicestershire based Williams Commerce have a highly skilled team of programmers who have developed the integration system for a range of businesses, including Panasonic Australia, Bonnington Plastics in the UK and many more, These businesses are finding their initial investment has paid back incredibly fast and created an enormous efficiency in the day to day operations of their business.


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If you would like to know more about how Williams Commerce can help streamline your business, please contact the business development managers on 0116 326 1116. Williams Commerce is more than happy to chat with business owners about how the integration system works and the benefits it can offer your business.