With December 2012 seeing the wholesale sectors 53% year-on-year growth, it produced both the sectors highest growth since 2007 and an optimistic outlook for 2013.

Especially with retail firms struggling in these tough economic times, wholesale businesses are beginning to display clearly their importance in the market and their volume of contribution to the country’s economy.

Subsequently, the Federation of Wholesaler-Distributors (FWD), which are a member organisation for UK wholesalers, have decided to work hard this new year to influence and change negative past perceptions that governmental bodies, suppliers, customers and consumers may have had towards the wholesale sector.

Through collating data provided from their members, the federation’s current aim is to gather as much industry information as possible to work out the size and scale of the wholesale sector along with identifying the number and types of customers that it serves. Moreover, the levels of employment in addition to the support provided to thousands of small to medium enterprises, clearly highlight the importance of this sector and will be closely used to assist the change in views.

Furthermore the advantages of the sector stretch to the economic influence that it has, especially whilst heavily aiding economic recovery in recent times. Therefore, this research will consequently allow the FWD to support their argument that this sector mustn’t be disregarded or disadvantaged with 2013’s policies and legislation.

The entire wholesale industry is extremely valuable to not only the UK, but the world-wide economy. By providing a means to access products and services beyond the reach of the usual retailer, it allows the skill and flare of entrepreneurial individuals to excel and therefore new and innovative businesses to arise.

Especially with the recession’s after-effects firmly playing its part in slow economic growth, it is important that new businesses are able to survive and strive with accessible products, realistic opportunities and a fighting chance against monopolising corporations. Thus, even while large companies continue to directly supply their retail stores themselves, wholesalers contribute largely to the survival of small and medium sized businesses.

The FWD seem to be working hard to promote wholesale to the entire country and this commendable effort should provide the informative and educational truths about the large impact wholesalers have in the contribution of a countries economy. Conclusively, with the fourth quarter of 2012 highlighting positive year-on-year growth and the government investing further into helping the start-up of new businesses, it’s hoped that 2013 will lead to not only a realisation for stakeholders as to the importance of the sector, but will also highlight the opportunities for businesses operating in wholesale.

We’ll keep you posted on the research work undertaken by the FWD.


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