At the very least, retailers should have a general idea of what their customer demographic looks like.

But simply assuming the customers that shop with you are going to stay the same over time is naïve.

Trends and demographics are constantly changing
, so having the ability to move with the times and continue to push products in the right places and to the right people will directly impact your business.

To give yourself the best chance of success here, it’s vital to gain a thorough, overarching view of your customers.

Harnessing Hitwise

Hitwise is a leading audience insight and ecommerce tool that allows users to track the behaviour of visitors to their websites. The platform helps users gain a greater level of insight into what their customers like and dislike, as well as monitor the competition more effectively.

A major element of Hitwise’s offering is consumer insights. With the Hitwise platform, it’s easier to identify the most loyal parts of your audience and what makes them different to those of your biggest rivals.

Why are they returning to your site time and again? What do they like about your offering? If you can identify this, it’s easy to focus your attention on extending these capabilities to more people and acquiring more customers.

Geographical trends can also be zoned in on. If you’ve pushed certain marketing techniques in specific regions and they’re successful, you can see other parts of the world where a similar approach could be of benefit.

How are shoppers coming to you?

Hitwise allows for a greater analysis of the channels through which your customers are visiting your website. So if you have a younger customer demographic, you can focus your attention on online and social media acquisition for example.

Not only does Hitwise give you better insight into your own customers, but it also offers competitive intelligence. That means you can identify threats, see where your potential customers are shopping instead, and see how effective your search strategy is.

Hitwise’s blog also offers handy industry insights. Hints about the power of subscription box and how cold weather can impact online retail are as interesting as they are useful to your brand.

Enhancing your Ecommerce Strategy

Harnessing Hitwise and the capabilities it offers is a great way to enhance your ecommerce strategy. With the level of customer insight available, you can make educated, tactical decisions as to what areas you could experiment with, invest in and push forward to make a real difference to your business.

How might this be achieved? At Williams Commerce, we have a deep understanding of ecommerce strategy and know the importance of SEO and benefits PPC services can bring to customers.

We can work with you to turn the kind of deep-level customer analysis Hitwise creates into real, active business benefits.

Engaging User Experiences

You might be asking yourself ‘how search friendly is my website?’ You naturally want as many visitors to your site to be converted into customers as possible. But poor site configuration and optimisation can inhibit this.

At Williams Commerce, we have a team of user experience designers that work with businesses to create ecommerce websites that will deliver.

We also have specialists in conversion rate optimisation, helping you turn new site visitors into customers.

Additionally, if Hitwise is showing that you’re not being found in search results as often as you’d like, we can carry out a technical SEO audit that will provide you with a thorough oversight of how this can be turned around.