Google is taking the major step of integrating Google Images into its core Search Network, meaning Shopping ads will be automatically eligible to appear in Google Image results.

This also means that there will no longer be a need to opt into the Google’s Search Partner Network in order to show Shopping ads on Google Images.

“If you’re an advertiser and have had your campaigns running on the Search Network only and not on the Search Partner Network, you will now see your ads appearing on Google Image results,” says Yasser Mohammed, Full Stack Digital Marketer at Williams Commerce. “This will increase your reach and you will notice more impressions and clicks to the site. Google’s learning and understanding of the customer journey means it is becoming even more important to ensure that the images you use on your website are truly compelling and stand out from the crowd.”

Google warns that businesses with a campaign currently on the Search Partner Network may see a decrease in traffic from this network, but should see an increase in traffic from the Search Network.

This change is expected to be rolled out and in place by the end of March.

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