A significant opportunity has arisen for online businesses to keep at the forefront of e-commerce; as Google announces plans to introduce a “buy button” to its search results imminently, according to BBC News Technology.

The recent announcement by Google on 28th March to introduce the Buy Button as the global ecommerce community sitting to attention.

The introduction of the Buy Button will give Google Search users the option to purchase within the browser, enabling “buy from search” options. With 9 out of 10 transactions still taking place offline, Google believe the buy button within the search results will increase the number of transactions without the need to visit a website.*

The new button could further be related to plans for a new payment system that doesn’t require old-fashioned debit cards to purchase goods from online merchants.

The change represents a major opportunity to evolve the landscape of e-commerce; making it easier for shoppers to buy products featured in its shopping ads that appear alongside search results. But to be clear, the Google Buy button is set to only be available on mobile devices. Following Google’s algorithm update on the 21st April to benefit mobile optimised sites, it would appear this change, along with the introduction of the Buy Button on mobile only, indicates favour towards mobile and tablet ecommerce.

However, Google’s move may cause some concern for retailers who are keen to maintain a close relationship with customers.

There is no doubt the significant and growing competition from Amazon, where many people now begin their search to buy products poses an increasing threat. Google has already evolved already from a search engine to a content delivery agent where people can view their browsing choices through detailed knowledge graphs in browser.

Robert Williams, Managing Director at Williams Commerce says “This recent announcement from Google is one we will be watching with a great deal of interest as more details will unfold over the coming days. As always, we will be ensuring we keep our customers informed at the earliest possible opportunity of repercussions and competitive advantages that can be implemented to help grow their business online.”

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on developments regarding the new Buy Button by Google.