Often seen as a tough ‘either/or’ choice to make, companies feel the need to either employ an agency for their marketing needs, or to keep it all under one roof, with an in-house marketer.

While an in-house marketer will usually be very adept, with a wealth of marketing skills, hiring someone who is equally proficient at technical optimisation, content strategy, creative design and HTML coding is nigh on impossible. While they may have a few specialisms, an in-house marketer is also likely to have a few blind spots.

Therefore, increasingly, there has been a tendency to partially outsource a certain task to an agency for a small period, when required.

Collaborating and partnering with an agency can be useful in a number of ways:

An agency can be used to offer value-for-money consultancy and strategic advice, for an in-house team to then implement. Of course, a fresh external perspective can be very useful to have, particularly when coupled with industry knowledge on what makes a performing, attractive website, and what kind of thing drives visitors and conversions.

Outsourcing to an agency is particularly useful due to its flexibility, meaning as a resource, it can be enlarged or reduced according to needs. In terms of cost-effectiveness, insight and convenience, partial outsourcing is a great, flexible option for your marketing needs.

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