We thought that we should let you know that Flint’s suite of payment extensions now support Verifone’s premium PCI compliant solution.

Verifone session based security

As PCI compliance becomes ever more important and onerous, it is crucial that merchants maximise their compliance without compromising user experience. Verifone has a solution that achieves this by using “Sessions” to ensure that customer card details are never handled by the merchant, and only card tokens are managed.

Flint’s latest Verifone module supports  “sessions” during checkout:

• Card numbers never touch your server customers enter card details into an iframe, submitted directly to Verifone. PCI liabilities don’t get lower than that!
• Customers stay on your checkout page, coherent user experience at your critical purchasing point, instead of directing to a third party website.
• No orphaned transactions unlike unreliable “Pay Page” solutions we don’t use callbacks, so you don’t get problematic “orphaned” transactions.

We’ve also improved other frequently used features like logging and customer messaging.

The Verifone payment gateway and Flint’s integration extension is in use by a number of leading retailers, including Kurt Geiger, Astley Clarke, Sofa.com & Watches of Switzerland

You can find out more about the Flint Verifone Extension for Magento here.