The Khaos Control platform is the leading multi-channel order management, purchasing and inventory system.

This Khaos Control Magento Extension seamlessly integrates the Khaos order management with your Magento site without the need for development.

This extension NOW offers enhanced features to control Magento’s product pricing:

Key new Khaos features:

• Price lists can be imported and applied selectively to different stores or customer groups. That means you get fine grained control over your pricing strategies, and can target and merchandise customers and stores directly from Khaos. You can also handle the migration of legacy price lists accurately if you’re moving to Magento for the first time.
• Khaos promotional special offers can now be imported, giving you control over Magento’s date based special pricing mechanisms.
• All this means you can easily synchronise or differentiate your catalogue pricing across different channels, from a centralised view in Khaos, using the trusted Flint Interactions platform to keep everything humming.

If you are currently using Khaos Control and Magento Community or Enterprise edition and this sounds like the perfect integration tool for you then click here for the full extension details.