While it may be considered old-fashioned in some quarters, 56% of businesses are planning to increase investment in email marketing, indicating that a strong email marketing approach continues to pay dividends for those who utilise it effectively.

With email marketing, you can target the individuals (i.e. registered customers and subscribers) who are most interested in your business. In turn, you can inform these of your latest news, competitions, offers and products.

In terms of presentation and content, a strong blend of striking visual designs and readable, informative copy will need to be included on an individual email to be truly effective.

Generally, it’s best to limit the amount of information on the email and suggest there is more content to read on your site, in order to entice traffic. The cherry on top is that email campaigns are cost-effective to run and tend to lead to substantial ROI for those who make best use of it. For instance, in 2013, of the 1,300+ marketers surveyed for a Consultancy/Adestra Marketing Industry Census, 66% said the ROI for their email marketing campaigns was “excellent” or “good”.

B2B Email, in particular, performs well. Indeed, according to Search Engine People, 72% of B2B Buyers are likely to share useful information via email, while B2B emails tend to have above average open rates and click through rates. In short, wholesalers and importers have an audience receptive to promotional activity, always keen on new news of offers and deals.

As for other email marketing trends in 2014:

Emails are being increasingly targeted towards mobile users, since 43% of emails are opened on mobile. Therefore, emails need to be compatible with mobile, and must have slim, scalable and responsive designs.

Another trend is for businesses to employ a plug-in on their Facebook page, to get interested people who have already liked a brand’s page to join the email marketing campaign.

Finally, there are systems that integrate Magento ecommerce platforms with a merchant’s email marketing account, instantly providing access to data on customers, products and purchase history. This intuitive ecommerce analytics tool allows you to send targeted email campaigns to segments based on behaviour and purchase history.

Having had years of experience running email campaigns for both B2B and B2C clients, Williams Commerce can help advise you on your email campaign. On top of this we can help design the visuals and banners of your emails as well as writing the attention-grabbing copy.

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