A Closer Look at DXP

A Closer Look at DXP 

Simply put, it’s the interaction between a user and an organisation made possible by one or more digital technologies. It includes a wide and varied range of online experiences including browsing a website, consuming information, completing a series of call-to-actions and more. 

For example:

Starbucks logo

Starbucks – its famous app allows customers to order and pay online for their coffee and to collect points for the famous rewarding system. The coffee brand also created a vast online community thanks to its website where customers’ ideas are continuously collected. Last but not least, Starbucks partnered up with Amazon Alexa making it possible to order coffee by voice and from home. It is a great example of innovative digital experiences well integrated with offline ones. 


Uber Logo



Uber is a clear example of a company completely built on digital customer experience.

Its app connects all stakeholders (drivers and customers) seamlessly and features a very intuitive interface, making the product work perfectly. 


DXP is the next step in digital evolution and the key to fostering meaningful relationships across all services. A successful digital experience platform is dependent on a functional, well-designed website that engage the user and delivers an enjoyable online experience.  

We know just how significant the role of an effective website is and how it can make or break an online business. Creating successful websites that overcome the challenges inherent to the world of ecommerce is therefore at the heart of what we do, and we love seeing businesses flourish following their digital transformation. 

Benefits of DXP

The primary reason brands use DXPs is to deliver vibrant, more personalized experiences with uniform consistency. They can also benefit other areas of an online business.  

  • Better Touch Points – Deliver consistent touch points across all channels and create a unified experience.  
  • More Control – DXPs are designed to integrate with a brand’s entire solutions foundation in real time. Leveraging the flexibility of APIs, a DXP can collect and engineer all relevant data to deliver the right content and experience to every customer at the right time. 
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI can discover information hidden deep within massive amounts of data, helping visitors find the information they want when they want it. 
  • Personalization – AI built into DXPs powers personalization on every level to drive customer engagement and loyalty, with the additional advantage of content flexibility. It uses customer data to determine actual and predicted behaviour to target customers at the right point in the cycle.    
  • Futureproofing – DXPs have the ability to integrate new technologies, adapt, and connect with audiences as digital maturity increases or new technologies appear. 

Williams Commerce – Enhancing the Digital Experience 

Our team of experienced and certified ecommerce specialists and digital marketers offer a complete suite of ecommerce services to increase your online presence and provide a seamless customer experience.  

Combining strategic technology, consulting and commerce delivery underpinned by certified professionals with a wealth of experience, we help customers grow substantially online through our robust technology solutions enhanced by our scalable breed of applications.  

Our comprehensive capabilities can be applied across the world’s leading commerce platforms, including Adobe Commerce, Magento, BigCommerce, VTEX, Cloudfy and Shopify. 

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