In our previous blog, we mentioned how digital marketers are adapting to provide a more all-inclusive approach to SEO. One way in which we are adapting is our embrace of pay-per-click.

For instance, in recent months, two members of our Marketing team have become Google Adwords Qualified. As a consequence, they are now proficient in the management of PPC campaigns, meaning you can trust us to help run your PPC on your behalf.

The purpose of this blog, however, is to explain what PPC involves and how it can benefit your company.

In simple terms, the intention behind Pay-Per-Click is to achieve a paid advertisement that will appear for a specific search term.

Listings are sold to businesses who bid on a keyword specific to the products they offer on their site. This helps the keyword to gain a high position within the sponsored ads that appear on Google Page One when a search term is entered.

Since businesses only need to pay for PPC when the ad is actually clicked it is not as expensive an endeavour as some may think.

So, effectively, you only pay for visitors that come onto your site. If the ad leads to a good quality landing page relevant to the keyword/search term (i.e. selling that particular product) the chances of this leading to a conversion are significantly boosted.

Small businesses can focus on less expensive niche keywords to decrease cost-per-click. For example, a fashion brand may find it more effective to bid on a specific term such as ‘tight men’s spray-on skinny jeans’ than a generic, competitive, expensive term like ‘jeans’.

More specific keywords have considerably lower search volume, though usually a lower cost. Bidding on 200 niche keywords to achieve 100 clicks may be more cost-effective than bidding on one high traffic keyword to achieve 100.

We have seen PPC offer our clients real return-on-investment, almost instantly. It is important, however, not to totally neglect SEO in favour of PPC. While the latter provides instant results (that are easy to measure), link building and content marketing are long-term strategies that yield results over time. Your PPC campaign should be paid search method that supplements your SEO strategy

To discuss how we can grow your business online, you can talk with our Google Adwords qualified manager. Just give us a call today on 0116 326 1116, or visit our contact page at to make an enquiry.

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