Naturally, digital marketing is something we tend to associate with the digital world.

But by using local inventory ads as part of your wider PPC and SEO campaign, it’s possible to drive more shoppers to your physical stores by delivering near real-time information about what’s available within those four walls.

As Google explains, this type of advert enables the promotion of products that are sold at a store close to the searcher’s location.

These ads can also be tailored to shoppers based on their device. With many shoppers using mobile devices likely to be ‘on-the-go’, a local inventory ad can give them a clear idea as to where to head next – namely your store.

Getting Local Ads Right

Boost foot traffic with Local Inventory Ads

If a shopper is searching for a product that a retailer only sells in-store, a local inventory ad can provide the information they need regarding that physical product’s location, and how close the shopper is to the store.

If they are searching for products you as a retailer sell both in-store and online, the shopper’s location can dictate whether a local inventory ad or an online shopping ad is run. This decision is made based on their proximity to the physical store that has the product they seek in stock.

Location bid adjustments can be used to increase bids based on this shopper’s proximity to your physical store. The result is a shopper is provided with information that allows them to get hold of the physical product they seek more quickly by heading to the physical store.

There’s also an opportunity to increase bids at optimum times. For example, by making positive bid adjustment during shop opening hours, the relevancy of the ads you provide is increased for shoppers.

Even stronger bid adjustments can be made on high traffic days and at higher traffic times. It’s all about getting ad scheduling right and correlating it with the best time for your business to appear online, and goes a long way to connecting your online and offline interactions.

Highlighting Pertinent Information

If you think local inventory ads could benefit your business, be sure to push the information these on-the-go shoppers want to know within your local inventory ads.

Look to include:

  • The distance from where they are to your nearest store
  • How many of these searched for products you have in your inventory
  • The time your physical store is open until

This important information can help dictate whether your store is this person’s next destination.

Other things to consider:

  • Make sure the information you display is accurate. Don’t say you have 30 of a certain product in store when in fact your fresh out. This will severely hamper your customer’s loyalty. Daily updates are advisable.
  • If you have these trainers available online as well as in store, be sure to include a link allowing searchers to buy online.

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