Microsoft Bespoke Business Software

Microsoft has long been an industry leader when it comes to delivering business solutions designed to improve processes and efficiencies.

As part of its mission, Microsoft has developed web application language and frameworks that include ASP.NET MVC and C# NET.

With the ASP.NET MVC source code, developers can create applications comprised of three roles – namely Model, View and Controller. The Model role is the business layer, while View is the display layer and Controller is the input control. This framework allows for each component to be tested independently.

Microsoft’s C# language and .NET framework can be used to create Window client applications, as well as XML Web services, client-server applications and more.

Open Source

Open source software features source code that anyone can take a look at, modify and improve.

The beauty of going down the open source route is the extra level of control on offer. Code can be easily examined and edits can be made as required.

Open source coding can also be easily studied, encouraging programmers to up their game. Open source is also often considered by many to be more secure than proprietary software.

Open source software can be created using PHP frameworks including Symfony, Laravel, Zend and Code Igniter. This software can be built on platforms such as Magento Enterprise, Drupal, WordPress and Shopware, so there are a host of options available for those who opt for the open source bespoke path.

Picking your Preference

Ultimately, the whole intention with bespoke business solutions is finding that perfect fit for you –something that meets your specific requirements. Deciding what that is comes down to you.
However, rest assured that Flint can provide the requisite levels of support regardless of whether you opt for Microsoft’s programming language options or another open source approach.

We have worked with dozens of companies on bespoke business software projects and developed open source expertise that complement our outstanding software development capabilities.
If you’re interested in a bespoke business software solution, our experts would be delighted to speak with you. Get in touch today.