Living It Up, headquartered in Leicester, operates two separate product divisions for customers who need furniture for their salon or barber shop and for those who need furniture for their homes.

Through Living It Up Salon, they sell high-quality salon and barber furniture and equipment to those in the industry. Their sister company, Living It Up, provides handmade furniture for interior designers and decorators. Living It Up Salon serves the UK through their on-site showroom in Leicester as well as through their website. The Living It Up home division is online only.

The Challenge

Living It Up needed to upgrade from a Magento 1 legacy platform that was no longer supported to a Adobe Commerce, previously Magento 2, B2B ecommerce platform with integration into business systems. Living It Up operates a multi-site system for both its salon website (B2B) and home furniture  website (B2C). Each side of their business has its own domain name with a different front end. These two front ends are connected through one backend pointing to the same cloud and drawing from the same feed. 

The Solution

Williams Commerce offered a multi-site solution for Living It Up that gave them the flexibility and efficiency they needed for both sides of their business. With Williams Commerce, Living It Up added the B2B ecommerce capability they needed for their Living It Up Salon division. Because the products sold through each Living It Up division are so different, each of their websites has its own URL and its own product catalogue that is connected on the back end.

The Williams Commerce team used their expertise to offer Living It Up new opportunities for their website. They followed the UX/UI design Living It Up wanted for the site and implemented new processes for efficient product delivery. They advised Living It Up about areas where they could realign their budget for more effectiveness. William Commerce’s agile approach helped facilitate shifting perspectives on the deliverables necessary for a modern, efficient website.

Communication throughout the project was key

The adaptive nature of Williams Commerce product management and their technical resources supported a deeper knowledge on the customer side and resulted in a better website. Living It Up can continue to enhance the website to provide a greater range of offerings to their customer base. For example, Living It Up is taking advantage of the page builder functionality in Adobe Commerce. They have included blogs on each website for SEO purposes, and they are very forward thinking and will continue to find ways to optimize their site.

'We are very pleased with our new sites and the multi store allows us to manage everything must more efficiently. We really appreciated the team’s agile approach to help us get the most out of our budget to create a site that can grow with us'.

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