As part of a long term relationship, Williams Commerce has provided Project Delivery, BA, Architecture and Android and iOS Development resource to the mSeller team. Managed from our India Development Centre, Williams Commerce India has architected, developed, and supported the mSeller app working closely with mSeller team based in the UK. The close relationship has meant Williams Commerce mSeller team truly part of mSeller.


An exciting and revolutionary new system for retailers

mSeller is a comprehensive iPad and iPhone app that allows B2B warehouses and sales reps to synchronise their product catalogue, prices and customer information. This can cover aged debt, invoice, order history and much more. Users can also place orders and remotely sync them with back-office systems while the sales team are on the road.

What mSeller offers

The mSeller application gives you unprecedented and comprehensive control over your order system. It includes a wide range of features that help personalise and optimise your experience.

The app is able to manage customer orders, quotes, proformas and calls. It can also keep record of customer profiles, documenting their order and invoice history. mSeller allows you to effectively manage your costs and margins, and your product prices can be configured according to your sales rep users, customers or companies.

The mSeller application is able to make sales both online and offline. Users can manage multiple deliveries linked to a single transaction, as well as sales that involve multiple currencies. Orders can be tracked by both sales reps and customers using the unique order values.

This system provides incredible ease of access for sales reps. Stock can be filtered by a variety of metrics, such as quantity type or preferred price range. An in-built GPS navigation system means that both customers and sales reps are provided with accurate directions. An internal messaging system allows frictionless communication between different sales rep users.

The mSeller app also allows users to monitor their own performance by product type, by month and by customer using easy to view graph and table reports. These reports can be seen as per invoice, target, outstanding sales and sales history.

10 Major Benefits of using mSeller

  • As a sales rep, you can increase the revenues for the companies you represent and increase commission.
  • Users are able to streamline the sales order route by allowing you to create sales opportunities and place orders online or offline via iPad or iPhone whilst with a customer.
  • mSeller removes the need for hard copy catalogues with a constantly updated digital product range.
  • Orders can be sent via the Cloud to your head office software, integrating seamlessly with popular ERP systems and initiating the delivery process.
  • Using mSeller on your device will provide you with the key information you need at hand to close business. You can create quotes, place orders and send back to head office within seconds.
  • Product details include category listings, striking images, item descriptions and specifications, free and available stock levels, price ranging and promotions.
  • Customer details include account status, order/invoice history, simple re-ordering, multi-customer regional journey and appointments planner.
  • This user-friendly app provides comprehensive reports and stats for products, customers and transactions to help you exceed your targets.
  • mSeller records 2500+ transactions per day from iPad and iPhone apps.
  • An iOS Customer App, Android Main Product and Customer App for mSeller will soon be hitting the market.
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Williams Commerce has more than 10 years of experience in the mobile data market. Our experienced staff will advise, install and support the mSeller system and provide user training to allow your mobile sales force to optimise opportunities and grow revenue.

We have three different versions of mSeller available, helping to ensure your needs are covered no matter what. These versions are mSeller Lite, mSeller Pro and mSeller Enterprise.