Are you worried that ecommerce will undermine your business to business (B2B) sales team?

Do you think new technology will devalue the relationships your sales reps have built with customers?

Don’t worry any more...

B2B companies that create a flexible, resource-rich sales environment that takes full advantage of ecommerce technology and the talents of skilled and experienced sales professionals will have a significant competitive advantage.

Who said B2B sales reps would be replaced?

Only a few years ago pundits were proclaiming that a million or more sales reps would lose their jobs by 2020 because of the changes brought about by B2B ecommerce.

The ‘Death of a (B2B) Salesman’ report from Forrester predicted that B2B buyers would become ‘consumerized’. It said that the B2B market would be profoundly changed as buyers looked for more leverage with their suppliers.

However, the reality in 2020 is that sales professionals now have an even more significant role to play in the B2B buying journey.

Here’s why.