In order to help you get to know the Williams Commerce team a little better in 2021, we’re running an interview series with selected members of our company.

The first in our 2021 series of interviews sees us chatting to Sam Anstee who is our 2nd Line Support Manager. Take a look and get to know Sam a little better...

Tell us about your background and how long you’ve been with the company

I first got into computing and the tech world when I was 12 years old after getting my first computer for Christmas. The following years I had spent gaming, tinkering, and upgrading the computer as well as delving into website development, starting with custom HTML and WordPress.

Since I got my first computer I was set on having a career in IT and began working towards this in school, I was chosen to do a college course on IT systems whilst also doing my GCSEs.

Following this I took part in and completed the BBC Make it Digital traineeship working with a company to build and develop their Intranet.
I then found an apprenticeship opening at Williams Commerce as a 1st Line Support Technician and it was the exact type of work I was looking for as my dream job.

I worked my way up the support team gaining valuable knowledge and experience working with the eCommerce sites and servers and am now working as the 2nd Line Support Manager heading into my 5th year with Williams Commerce.


What is your job role and your key responsibilities?

My current role is the 2nd Line Support Manager and this includes overseeing the support desk and supporting the team and our customers to get swift resolutions to issues.

I also help manage and maintain the internal IT systems as well as the hosting services that we provide. Heading up the support team also means that I have to monitor our support requests and look to measure and improve our processes to give our clients the highest level of service that we can provide.

Part of maintaining the internal IT systems and hosting services also means that I need to ensure that we are following the best standards which means gaining accreditation such as Cyber Essentials plus etc.


What is the biggest strength of Williams Commerce in your opinion?

I feel that the biggest strength of the Williams Commerce team is our ability to adapt and overcome tasks that others would say are not possible.

This is partly down to our teams extensive experience working with eCommerce projects and building bespoke systems but it is also down to our dedication to meet customers needs and help their businesses grow beyond expectations.




What’s your favourite thing about working at Williams Commerce?

My favourite thing about working at Williams Commerce is being able to meet and work with so many different people on a daily basis, whether they be Williams Commerce employees or customers.

That and my love for working with technology.



Outside of work, what do you like to do?

Outside of work I am an avid PC gamer, I enjoy all types of games which keep me busy in my free time.

You also get to meet and play with endless amounts of new people from all over the world to keep things interesting.