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Advertising on the internet has become increasingly popular as more businesses move into online sales. There are many different ways in which a business can advertise online, through banners on other websites, as viral videos or advertisements before an online program, to name a few. But what is easily the best way to advertise online is through pay per click (PPC).

PPC is a service that many companies offer, and it is as it sounds, you create an advert to be shown and will pay every time someone clicks on it. This strategy has its advantages and disadvantages, but when optimised and managed properly, PPC can bring considerable return on investment.

Fixed cost, pay monthly, no contract.

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Paid results now take up as much of 80% of search results above the fold on Google, so it’s no wonder more companies are starting to pay attention.

Both as a strategy for short-term growth or long-term acquisition, PPC offers an unparalleled level of control and customisation in your advertising when wasted spend simply isn’t an option.


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How do we manage your PPC campaigns?

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What can it do?

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With all the new tools and features Google and Microsoft are constantly rolling out, there’s very little that PPC can’t achieve, in the right hands.

Text Ads allow you to show precise offers and messages about your site and stock to browsers, making them great for introducing new users to your categories and brands, while Remarketing campaigns can serve highly detailed visual ads to users who have already interacted with your site (including previous customers!).

Display Ads appear on the sites, services, and mobile applications your audience loves, whether they’re ones you specify or ones Google finds for you, and Shopping Campaigns serve images, prices, and short product description to purchase-minded users who don’t have time to browse.


Why you should choose Williams Commerce for PPC management

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You may have heard the horror stories of self-managed campaigns racking up immense costs with nothing to show, or ads failing to appear despite their best efforts. Hiring an agency with a great track record means these mistakes simply don’t happen.

Williams Commerce have a company history of establishing and expanding companies through Paid Search, whether you’re hoping to experiment with a £100 spend or dominate the market with £10,000.

Our marketing specialists can help you with your PPC campaigns, using years of experience in the field to benefit you greatly. As one of the top Google Partners in the UK, our Google Ads certified specialists have direct access to Google’s expertise, being able to troubleshoot your campaigns much faster and optimise them to ensure excellent results.

We also have experience with Bing Ads, as well as Social advertising across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, which allows us to help you decide on the best PPC channels to use for your business.

What We Can Do

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Google Ads Audit

Stop wasting money on low converting Google Ads campaigns! Our certified Google Ads managers can help maximise your spend.

Text Ads

Sell your business, services and products and stand out at the top of the Google and Bing search engines with text ads.

Google Shopping

Cut out the chaf. It’s all about you, your product and your price. The paid search channel with the highest return on investment.


Extend your lifetime customer value and ensure a consistent brand message across all channels like display and email.

Basket Abandonment

Improve your online conversion rates by targeting your basket abandoners through retargeting.

Social Advertising

Don’t miss the opportunity social advertising presents. Your customers are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – get your brand in front of them.

Network Display Ads

Show your brand in the right place, at the right time, to your target audience via text ads, images, interactive and video ads.

Bespoke Targeting

Get great results by fine tuning the way you target your customers through demographics, lifestyle, age and more.

We offer a range of packages starting from as little as £250 per month. Call us today and speak with our experienced marketing team on 0116 326 1116 or email us at

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