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Sector: Retail 

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When a business has been in operation since 1784, it is fair to assume they know when to stick and when to twist. 

With Magento 1 end of life approaching, John Smedley took the smart decision to migrate to Magento 2 – and brought in Williams Commerce to support the move. 

John Smedley creates stunning knitwear for men and women at the oldest manufacturing factory in the world. Their meticulous design process has enabled John Smedley’s knitted garments to stand the test of time, and their clothes are popular the world over. 

We have known the guys at John Smedley for a while now. We were chosen as the Derbyshire-based company’s digital marketing and ecommerce partner in 2016, and have developed a deep understanding of what makes John Smedley stand out from the rest. 

Having been operating an ecommerce website on the Magento 1 platform, the John Smedley team knew that, with Magento 1 end of life approaching, a change was required. Change is part and parcel of running a business for more than 200 years, and this shift to a new ecommerce platform was no different.  

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Migrating to Magento 2

John Smedley’s team elected to upgrade to the Magento 2 Commerce platform and migrate their existing site over. This migration would include moving one of John Smedley’s Open Source stores onto the Magento 2 Commerce platform. 

With Magento 2 Commerce came a series of capabilities that John Smedley chose to take advantage of. These included Reward Scheme, Customer Segmentation, Content Staging, Visual Merchandiser and the excellent Page Builder tool. This allows members of the John Smedley team to drag and drop elements and build custom pages for the new site in as little as 10 minutes. 


Excellent Integration

As well as being able to capitalise on all the advantages of Magento Commerce 2, the John Smedley team also benefits from a series of integrationthat help take their customer service and operations to new levels. For John Smedley, the Williams Commerce team integrated: 

Prima, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that holds information about products, stock and pricingThis information is sent from the Magento front-end to the Prima back-end every time an order is made and the necessary data is updated. That data is then relayed back to the Magento front-end, keeping information up-to-date for site visitors and thereby enhancing the customer experience. This helps prevent erroneous data being displayed and ensures accurate information for buyers. 

Feefo, review platform that allows customers to share their views and opinions on their John Smedley purchase.  

Ometria, a customer marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence. This allows the John Smedley team to take a data-driven approach to their online tactics and enhance their digital presence. 


Beautiful Design

When you are a manufacturer and retailer of beautiful garments, it makes sense to have a website that suitably showcases the gorgeous products you sell. 

As part of the migration to Magento 2 Commerce, John Smedley asked the Williams Commerce design team to come up with a custom look to promote their brand online. 

This new design naturally includes strong use of imagery to help present the visual quality of the John Smedley brand. Clear navigation, strong calls to action and the inclusion of John Smedley’s unique heritage also helps to take the site to new levels of engagement and visual appeal. 


Global Reach

With such quality, luxury and history, it is little surprise that John Smedley’s product range is popular the world over. 

To support a global customer base, the new John Smedley site benefits from multiple stores, allowing customers to pick a store based on their location. 

In time, it is expected that John Smedley will move to Global-e to simplify its business flow and further support cross-border selling. 


Quality User Experience

A series of third-party modules were also incorporated as part of the project. This was done with the aim of enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Live chat, delivery and postcode look-up tools have all been enhanced to help support web users during their visit 

Promotions, search and filter capabilities were upgraded to make sure that John Smedley’s admin team has more control of the configuration of these tools. 

1. Bounce rate: 9% decrease
2. Sessions per user: 6.19% increase
3. Ecommerce conversion rate: 4.97%
4. Desktop conversion rate: 20.67% increase
5. Direct ecommerce conversion rate: 79.49% increase
6. Referral ecommerce conversion rate: 112.16% increase

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