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Williams Commerce help Direct Vacuums achieve massive Black Friday sales via Google Ads, with PPC bringing in 72% of site revenue.

Following the recommendations of Williams Commerce Google Ads specialists, Direct Vacuums massively increased their AdWords budget during Black Friday which combined with a pro-active monitoring and optimisation strategy resulted in record website sales, with 1009% ROAS for the whole month.


Use Google Ads to boost sales during Black Friday and achieve at least 500% ROAS.


Based on previous performance and historical data, as well as industry insights from Google Trends, Williams Commerce recommended a significant increase in the daily budget during Black Friday, with daily spend rising originally to £100/day and then £200/day for the peak period. Most of the budget was directed exclusively towards best-performing shopping campaigns and PLAs which achieved a good conversion rate in previous month.


Increasing the budget to suit the increase in search volumes and demand achieved some transformational results, with overall ROAS reaching 1009% for the entire month and peaking at 1616% ROAS on Black Friday. Paid Search also proved to be the channel driving the most sales for the month, accounting for 72% of site wide revenue.


“I couldn’t believe the results achieved by Williams Commerce on our Google Ads account. November is normally a great month for the business and Black Friday always has good results, but we certainly didn’t expect to achieve such big sales so fast with Google Ads. We’re extremely pleased with all the PPC work and increasing the budget for this period of time was certainly the right move.”

Nick Battams, Marketing Manager

Why it worked?

Increasing the budget significantly during the lucrative period of Black Friday allowed the Google Ads account to take advantage of the increase in demand and search volumes for relevant keywords and products. Monitoring performance closely and constantly optimising bids and budgets across campaigns, ad groups and at individual product level, in turn translated into record-high sales and an increased conversion rate, as consumers were served with PLAs for the products they were most likely to buy during a peak season for the entire retail industry.

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