London Boutiques is one of our clients using Magento platform to offer fashion-loving customers the opportunity to shop in the capital’s chicest womenswear and lifestyle boutiques all under the same roof, selling brands such as Iris, D&Me, Club, Austique, Venise, Question Air and Precious.

London Boutiques moved their site to Williams Commerce’s care, and required urgent assistance to get their infrastructure working in an operationally efficient manner. As always we initially ran a code health check for the web site. We then configured the server infrastructure to work properly with Magento. We then started Magento Website Optimization: looking at cleaning up Magento code that was not fit for purpose – and quite often made over 10 times the database calls it needed to. Since we have optimized the server and code, the load times of the website and the performance overall have drastically improved – making the London Boutiques customer experience the joy it should be!

We know this is not new… but when you have a user landing on your site for the first time, you need to catch their attention, and engage with them in a matter of seconds. Site speed is really important for the user experience. A few years back (2009), Akamai and Gomez ran a report where It reviewed online shopper expectations. One of these expectations was that people expected a web page to load in two seconds or less. Waiting time creates frustration which is a feeling you wouldn’t like your users to experience. Now, after the optimization we are confident that London Boutiques’ customers can get inspired by all the fashionable clothes and accessories they want without the waiting  time.

London Boutique have a multitude of suppliers, and refining management of suppliers and inventory has been a priority. Williams Commerce have been able to ensure that suppliers can manage their inventory and orders in a far more efficient manner – which translates to a better engaged supply chain.

Another essential for any website is information and reporting. ‘If you can’t measure then you can’t manage’ goes the adage… London Boutiques now has integrated a real time platform with their Magento website which allows them to get back-end data such as transactions, customer records and product inventories. With that integrated platform they can get a complete view of their ecommerce funnel with multiple channel views, find out who their best customers are and which products perform best, etc. and optimize their products and website to the client expectations.

We still haven’t finished, London Boutiques and Williams Commerce are working together to take their offering to another level….keep an eye on