So what can you do to get ahead of the competition and keep your firm up to date? Williams Commerce suggests going mobile.

Statistics have shown that mobile channels have become the third most influential factor for customer decision making in B2B trade. Furthermore, Oracle have shown mobile functions to have become the largest percentage increase for ‘key tools for influencing revenue’ in the B2B industry.

Due to the success of B2C in the mobile market, B2B companies have made it a priority to keep up with technological advancements and mobile is now the fourth biggest focus for B2B firms in 2012.

Mobiles already account for 10% of internet usage worldwide through the current 6 billion mobile users and over 300,000 apps have been developed in the past 3 years. The reason for this may have been fuelled by the fact not only are our mobiles a necessity in today’s day and age, but additionally tablet users have been found to also spend an average of 13.9 hours every week on the devices.

Predictions have been made that further attention and investment in B2B mobile is soon to come, so it’s advised to reap the benefits of m-Commerce.

You may be wondering how you can build your own app, but don’t worry, Williams Commerce are here to help. Williams Commerce continues to prove their innovation and technology awareness and has released a brand new iPhone and iPad app for bathroom importing specialists ‘MyStyle’.

MyStyle approached Williams Commerce with an existing website, but a need to catalogue their products to people on the go. The solution was creating an app to showcase their product ranges to anyone anywhere. Through a clear and functional interface, Williams Commerce was able to build an app practical enough for anyone to use. Now, field salespeople and out of office staff will be able to use the MyStyle app to display company catalogues to potential clients, while doubling up as another key marketing tool.

M-Commerce has already made such a large impact on B2C firms and now B2B marketers are following this trend. If you would like your own mobile app get in contact with Alison, Adam or Keri at Williams Commerce on 0116 326 1116 or visit the website for more information;