BigCommerce has launched its new Page Builder - a visual editing tool that lets merchant attract more shoppers with fresh content in real-time.

The Page Builder tool requires no coding element, meaning it is beneficial for merchants as they can simply drag and drop the field they need on their chosen webpage. 

The Page Builder tool was created after BigCommerce gained feedback from customers who wanted a quick and efficient tool they could use with no coding experience. 

The Page Builder’s drag and drop feature allows merchants to test new layouts or landing pages in real-time. No coding means setting up pages is quick and efficient for the merchant to push live.  

The tool can also be used across different devices, meaning merchants can see how their website will look on mobile, desktop and tablet devices. 

The biggest advantage of the Page Builder tool is the unique product pages or landing pages that merchants can create. This will help remove that uniform website feel that some competitors may have.  

The Page Builder will also give the ability to merchants to try and test new layouts on their product pages and landing pages to see how users are engaging with pages and see if this is ultimately leading to better conversions or not. If not, the merchant will have the ability to make changes to the page quickly without the need to find a website developer.   

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