Do you need to get trading online or re-platform in record time?  

FAST TRACK is designed for any business that needs to go to market quickly with an online eCommerce store.  Perhaps you find yourself relating to one of the following 

  • Declining Offline SalesPerhaps your business is seeing a downfall in sales offline and you need to quickly sell your products or services online. 
  • B2B Growth – Perhaps you’re a B2B or Wholesale Business . Online offers an opportunity to reach a whole new market or streamline your existing customers to engage and buy from you in a much more productive way, 247 days a week.
  • Re-Platform – You have outgrown your existing solution, find that your current solution has reached the end of the road or you are just fed up of your site being unstable and not fit for purpose 
  • Ready to Scale – Perhaps your business is growing rapidly or needs to scale quickly. You know that you are going to need to integrate several systems and extend functionality but you need a firm foundation to be in place first.  


FAST TRACK is designed to get any business trading online quickly and cost effectively.  We ignore the bells and whistles, save the complicated functionality for a later date and make sure that you have a working and solid transactional eCommerce solution online in 90 days.

We still engage with you in the same way we would for any other project.  We want to know your objectives; we want to understand your business and we certainly want to know what functionality you're going to need longer term.  That way we can make sure we recommend the right platform for you, that the solution will stand the test of time as you grow and that we understand what functionality is going to give you the greatest commercial growth.  The only difference is we focus on scoping a phase one Minimum Viable Product first that can be delivered quickly and effectively in 90 days on a very affordable budget. 

Fasttrack also comes in three distinct work streams

For businesses that want to leverage BigCommerce or Magento to get online quickly.

For businesses who are solely focused on B2B or Wholesale.

For businesses who want to leverage a platform but also want to integrate business systems, like an ERP.

A partnership blossoming around the BigCommerce ecommerce platform

Big Commerce

Is a solution as a service (SaaS) platform with upgrades, support and hosting included in their license fee. There are two levels of solution.  

Big Commerce Pro for businesses who are unlikely to turnover more than $400,000 online in the first instance but still want full control over their site.  It has a monthly license fee of $299.95 but with FASTTRACK we can waive your fees for the first 3 months why we build your site.  You can also upgrade to the Enterprise Plan when your turnover or functionality requirements increase.

Big Commerce Enterprise for businesses who want a lot more functionality and who expect their turnover online to exceed $400,000 annually.  This has a monthly license fee that is worked out bespoke to you based n the number of transactions you need.  

Mark Howes, Senior Account Executive, Large Enterprise, BigCommerce


“Williams Commerce are a trusted BigCommerce Elite Partner, demonstrating a huge breadth of commercial and technical expertise across all stages of an ecommerce project. Their deep technical experience is utilised across the most complex commerce and integration solutions. Our merchants highly rate the Williams Commerce team to deliver innovative, high quality projects, and their dedicated commitment from start to finish.”


Big Commerce Pro or Enterprise

  • Big Commerce set up
  • Choice of tens of themes*
  • Branding - add your logo, colours and font type
  • Delivery and Payment configuration*
  • SEO check and 301 support

*third party costs not included


Big Commerce Pro or Enterprise

  • Big Commerce set up
  • Choice of tens of themes*
  • Branding - add your logo, colours and font type
  • Delivery and Payment configuration*
  • SEO check and 301 support
  • Stock and Order ERP integration (XML or API)

*third party costs not included

All of our packages include the following  

  • Introduction to Big Commerce
  • Project Discovery session with a outcome document to finalise the scope
  • Review additional requirements like data migration, marketing and more also for discounted prices
  • Dedicated Project manager with the delivery team
  • Big Commerce configuration: search, branding, vat rules and more
  • Support on data import and attribute set up
  • Tracking Systems – We will stay on track with systems like Jira, Trello & Microsoft Teams
  • Payments - Payment method configuration with Paypal*
  • Delivery – Delivery configuration
  • Theming – Theming of your design template such as logos, colours and font types*
  • SEO – Default SEO configuration support to a detailed Checklist
  • 301 redirects – Support to protect rankings and traffic for customer re-platforming

*third party costs not included

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